7/27/16 @ DeLand Suns: Pregame Notes

DELAND, Fla. – The Leesburg Lightning (19-20) look for their sixth straight win tonight as they travel to Conrad Park to take on the second place DeLand Suns (19-16). The two teams will be continuing a suspended game from July 14, with no score in the second inning.

The scene has changed drastically since the two teams met nearly two weeks ago. The Lightning were in the midst of a three-game losing streak and looking for any sort of momentum to help propel them towards the finish line.

Since then, Leesburg has gone 7-2 and are currently riding a five-game winning streak in which they’ve scored 64 runs over that timespan.

“As a team, I thought we had peaked during the Sanford series,” Head Coach Rich Billings said. “I was surely wrong.”

This team’s transformation over the past week has been rousing to say the least and even jaw dropping at times. They’ve come alive in a way that makes it seem as if they were a sleeping giant all along.

The only problem for the Florida League is, someone’s woken them up.

“We know where we stand,” Billings said. “If we do our jobs and continue to go out and win games, the positive results will continue to follow.”

“Our capabilities as a team were never in question. We’re just taking it to the next level now, just in time for the playoffs.”

Lightning Starting Lineup

  1. Nixon – SS
  2. A. Simmons – CF
  3. Scanlon – 1B
  4. Long – RF
  5. C. Simmons – 3B
  6. Baez – DH
  7. Mauer – C
  8. Hanlon – LF
  9. Pagliei – 2B

On the mound: Call Graham 


About InsideTheBolt

Team Journalism Intern for the Leesburg Lightning in the Florida Collegiate Summer League. Giving you all the "day in and day out" stories about the Leesburg Lightning and the community of Leesburg.
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