7/30/16 @ Altamonte Springs Boom: Pregame Notes

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – The Leesburg Lightning (20-22) and Altamonte Springs Boom (20-19) conclude their three-game series tonight as they return to Lake Brantley High School for a first pitch at 7 p.m.

It’s another night of baseball in Central Florida. Playoff seeding is still up for grabs. A game and a half separates Leesburg and Altamonte Springs.

Who will step up and take the series?

For those who don’t already know, the Florida Collegiate Summer League playoff format goes as follows:

  • #4 and #5 seeds face off in play-in game on Tuesday with the winner facing #1 seed (probably Sanford)
  • #2 vs. #3 and #1 vs. winner of the play-in game begin three-game series on Wednesday
  • Winner of the those series’ play in championship game at Tropicana Field on Sunday, August 7

Make sure to tune in as the final few days of the Florida League season are bound to bring excitement.

 Lightning Starting Lineup

  1. Nixon – 2B
  2. A. Simmons – CF
  3. Scanlon – 1B
  4. C. Simmons – 3B
  5. Long – RF
  6. Bonilla – LF
  7. Baez – DH
  8. Mauer – C
  9. Pagliei – SS

On the mound: Kade Hunkapiller

Hunkapiller will be making his first start of the season. With a knuckleball in his repertoire from the left side, he’ll look to keep Altamonte Springs off balance. 



About InsideTheBolt

Team Journalism Intern for the Leesburg Lightning in the Florida Collegiate Summer League. Giving you all the "day in and day out" stories about the Leesburg Lightning and the community of Leesburg.
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